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Now every Sunday, after our full length episode airs on YouTube, we jump over to Facebook Live and do a 30 minute interactive show!
There we discuss the episode, and what ever is on your mind!
Join the AFTER PARTY!!
Sunday's at 7pm (cst)

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Like metal? Like hip-hop? If so, chances are, you probably loved Nu Metal! What a unique time in music for such a genre to exist. The late 90's and into the 2000's were full of Nu Metal, and you couldn't escape it. So we're gonna take a swing at it....a second time! All new songs, games & guests.

If Nu Metal wasn't your cup of tea, this episode still will be!

From Q102.1 FM, Baden Page, and Nathan LaBee are our

guests this week!

The fun starts at 5pm (cst) on YouTube!

Nu Metal 2.jpg


Ever wonder what it's like to be on a late night talk show? Or maybe even a game show? Wish you had a new favorite show to watch? Well we are your one stop shop for all of it! We have a show every Sunday at 5pm (central) that is released on YouTube. Then, join us for a very fun and unique interactive after party on Facebook Live with our newest show, "Extra Shot"!

You can also catch audio only versions on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or anywhere podcasts are available. Just search for: The Audio Roast Podcast

We take a fun and often sarcastic look, at the music that inspires us. We play a handful of games each week with a rotating cast of local musicians, dj's, producers, promoters, venue owners, photographers, and music supporters. 

We are trying to improve the quality of our music scene in the Springfield, Mo area, through a sense of community, creativity, and of course, a sense of humor.

Follow us on most social medias at @AudioRoast

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